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Scott - Lake Jackson, TX

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"Our story is basically a simple one. My wife and I had lived in our home for almost twenty years and in that time we became "empty nesters" We wanted to downsize because it was too much house for just my wife and I. We made a decision to sell the home and after meeting with several real estate agencies and home buying companies we did not like the aggressiveness of the individuals nor the process. Our blessing came when my wife saw a street sign and we decided to call the number when we got home. The response was very prompt and courteous and a preliminary inspection was set up to view the property and assess its condition. After the initial inspection, we met again with Cal over the phone and he promised us that he would get back to us with an offer after his research with he did within a few days. The offer that they gave us seemed fair and we loved the fact that they paid all the closing costs which for us was a huge savings. The earnest money contract was straightforward and simple and the closing was completed in a relatively short time. Cal and his company Karma (House Buyers) lived up to their promises and commitment to us, even allowing us a little extra time to get our stuff moved out. The experience was relatively painless and we were very satisfied with how the process worked. NO DRAMA!!. We have already recommended this company to a friend of ours who has contacted them and is going through the process. We will not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone that find themselves in dire straits or just want to simply sell and move on."

- Clyde Blenman - Houston, Texas

"Working with Cal on selling the house was easy, He was very helpful and making sure everything stayed on track. Thank You Cal for all your help!!!"

- Chris H., Texas City, Texas

"My house flooded with Harvey. I decided to sell it as-is once I got it dry. In steps Cal. I gave him a price and he agreed. The day of closing a BIG glitch came up and I thought I wouldn’t be able to sell the house and move forward. But Cal came through. He solved the problem and we closed on time. Now I am able to move closer to family."

- Paula Daulton, Houston, Texas

"They were very kind and patient with me while I was selling my house to them. They gave me the time I needed to gather everything up, and take care of everything. And they were up most polite and honorable about it and my situation. The initial sell took a while, due to a few issues. But their professionalism managed it. They were extremely polite. And very professional. You didn't feel nagged at all with Karma House Buyers. I highly highly recommend them to anyone that is having problems financially. Or just looking to sell. They will take great care of you! Kindness = 10/10 Professionalism = 10/10"

- Alex C. - Magnolia TX

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